Who are The Hinterlands?

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RICHARD NEWMAN is  a performer, director, creator, and teacher of physical, ensemble based theatre. He has performed nationally and internationally, created thirteen original works, and taught at universities and theatres across the U.S.  Richard Newman creates actor-driven theatre that blends intense physicality, heightened text, dreamlike imagery, and music in order to explore the intricacies of human relationships, the subjectivity of memory, and cultural archetypes.  Richard was an ensemble member of Double Edge Theatre in Ashfield, MA between 2004 and 2008.  He is the founder and Artistic Director of The Breaking Bread Performance Project, a long-term collaboration between U.S. and Balkan artists.  He was a founder and Co-Artistic Director of The Farm Theatre in Charlotte, NC. He is a graduate of The Dell’Arte School of Physical Theatre, and received a B.A. in theatre performance from Greensboro College in 2002.  Richard also plays the cello and DJ’s electronic music.

LIZA BIELBY is a physical theatre artist dedicated to forging meaningful international bonds among traditional artists across the globe. A former Fulbright Scholar to Sichuan, China, where she became one of six non-Chinese nationals globally to ever study and perform traditional Sichuanese folk “opera” (chuanju), Liza understands the value of preserving local traditions in the face of globalization. In addition to being a founding member of The Hinterlands, she is also the co-founder of the multi-media arts collective (con)temporary works exchange, a founding member of the character-based marching band Glasnost and a member of the Detroit Party Marching Band. Liza is a graduate of Kalamazoo College (major: Theatre Arts, minor: Anthropology) and received her MFA in ensemble-based physical theatre from Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre.