Our next UTOPIAN DINNER is Wednesday, May 10

Join The Hinterlands in a part-laboratory, part-community conversation, part-dinner party to viscerally and critically explore the American values highlighted through the way we eat, and help develop concrete experiments to shift values towards ones we wish we had. May’s dinner focuses on the architectures, structures, and implements of eating. Space is limited, and we need to communicate with you about what to bring, so RSVP via email before the event!

Wednesday, May 10


Play House (12657 Moran St, Detroit)


RSVP: info[at]thehinterlandsensemble[dot]org

Our next OPEN TRAINING is Tuesday, May 16

Experience our creative process in a three hour workshop. No performance experience necessary. Individuals with differing abilities always welcome.

Tuesday, May 16


Play House (12657 Moran St, Detroit)

Sliding scale $15-$20

RSVP: info[at]thehinterlandsensemble[dot]org


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