2011 Version–

Created by The Hinterlands

Performed by: Liza Bielby (Calamity Jane), Steven DeWater (the Stranger), Richard Newman (Billy the Kid), Dave Sanders (Ned), Eleni Zaharopoulos (Belle Starr)

Directed by Richard Newman, Designed by Liza Bielby, Anthony Cerrato

Production Manager: Anthony Cerrato

Light and Sound Board Operator: Eleni Sauvageau (Milwaukee), Ian Maitland (Detroit)

Film and exhibit: Eleni Zaharopoulos

Poster and graphic design: Paul Biundo (Detroit)

Mariachi band and metalsmithing: Gabriel Craig and Amy Weiks

Funding for this project was provided by Alverno Presents

Thank you to: David Ravel and Alverno Presents; National Performance Network; Simeon and Nat Heyer; Ian Maitland; John Leonard; Gabriel Craig and Amy Weiks; Anderson Walworth; Kristine Taylor; Igor Gozman and Puppet Art Theatre; Cedric Tai; Frannie Shepherd-Bates; Mitch Cope and Gina Reichert; Guido Marsille and Anneke de Boer; Kate Daughdrill; Noah Goldsmith; Stephen Bublitz; Esteban Castro

2010 Version–

Created by The Hinterlands

Performed by Liza Bielby, Richard Newman, Jamie Van Camp and Jason Waszaik