[] the line. session 1, hand stories from The Hinterlands on Vimeo.

[ ] the Line, a first collaborative workshop between The Hinterlands, Poetic Societies, and a Tehran-based team of artists held at Play House (Detroit) and Pejman Foundation’s Kandovan space in Sept-Oct 2017

Are we who we think we are?

A multinational performance collaboration and translation project created by The Hinterlands and artists in three economic and political “enemies” of the United States: China, Russia, and Iran.

Through commissions, conversations, interviews, and Internet-driven exchanges The Hinterlands and friends will collaborate with Chinese, Russian, and Iranian writers, makers, choreographers, and community members to create a series of genre-busting performance works about Americans simultaneously performed in Detroit and various international locations via the only true united nation: the internet. The Enemy of My Enemy explores what happens when outside narratives collide with one’s own perception – a topic highly relevant to Detroit – as it turns the American gaze back on itself, merging The Hinterlands’ theatrical virtuosity with digital innovation in a work of grassroots international diplomacy set to theatre.

Initial projects have begun in September 2017 with [] the Line, a telematic performance workshop with artists in Tehran and Detroit co-created and co-led by Ava Ansari/Poetic Societies, The Hinterlands, and Renee Willoughby, and in partnership with Pejman Foundation (Kandovan).

Work on The Enemy of My Enemy is funded through the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation Detroit Knight Arts Challenge 2016, the Network of Ensemble Theaters’ NET/TEN Exchange program, and Asian Cultural Council. Donate to The Enemy of My Enemy through our fiscal sponsor.