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A psychedelic Wild West Show inspired by the language of Cormac McCarthy and William S. Burroughs as well as the Spaghetti Westerns of the 1950’s and 60’s. Manifest Destiny! is equal parts Wild West Show and cultural scavenger hunt, juxtaposing the silence and stillness of the open range with the rowdiness and sweat of a barroom brawl.  Manifest Destiny! weaves spectacle, vaudevillian comedy, live music, cowboy poetry, campfire songs, puppetry, dreamlike imagery, and the smell of frying bacon into a highly physical, sensory collage. Using the script of Wild Bill’s original Wild West show like a prospector’s map, The Hinterlands have dug up a passion play for the North American frontier that both enlightens and entertains, shocks and delights.  Ritual, comedy, historical reenactment, feats of strength and skill, black hats, white hats, shootouts and sing-alongs: anything can happen once you set out down the trail.

Featuring Richard Newman, Liza Bielby, Eleni Zaharopoulos, Steven DeWater, and Dave Sanders. Directed by Richard Newman with Movement Direction by Liza Bielby; Design by Anthony Cerrato. Produced by Alverno Presents.


Manifest Destiny! (there was blood on the saddle) promotional video by High Frequency Media

“Not only does it take you to the fundamental roots of the theatrical experience, it’s likely to change your existing views of the nature of theater.”- John Quinn, Encore Michigan

“This is a frenzy of mood and emotion. It’s a weird, theatrical Rorschach prism with the suggestion of certain themes about destiny, brutality and survival flowing through it all.” – Russ Bickerstaff, Express Milwaukee

25-minute version of Manifest Destiny! called The Dead Road premiered at The Cooking Fire Theatre Festival, Toronto, Canada and featured Richard Newman, Liza Bielby, Jamie Van Camp, and Jason Waszak