Dance training Photo by Eric Ljung

The Hinterlands regularly collaborate with artists across disciplines working locally, across the country, and abroad in an effort to expand our company’s knowledge base as well as push our work in unknown directions.

Locally, we are partnered with Power House Productions, an artist-run neighborhood stabilization organization, who has supported presentation of our work as well as the construction and operation of Play House, our new rehearsal and small scale performance space. Recent performances and projects have paired us with jit dancer/b-boy Haleem Stringz Rasul of Hardcore Detroit, graphic designer Ben Gaydos, and historian and poet Casey Rocheteau. Our physical training has been a platform to engage with artists working in disciplines outside of our own, as we discovered in the making of the film Into the Hinterlands with film-maker/anthropologist Julia Yezbick.

Nationally, we are part of a national Training Consortium of training and place-based theatre companies with Double Edge Theatre in Ashfield, MA, qStaff in Albuquerque, NM, and Mondo Bizarro in New Orleans, LA.

Internationally, we have conducted partnerships with traditionally-trained xiqu performers in China and community-based artists in Kosovo.

Below are some of our other recent collaborators:

Zeb Smith – The Circuit and Voice of the City (Shanghai Biennale version) designer.

Shoshanna Utchenik – The Radicalization Process designer; The Circuit site-gag designer.  See more of her stuff at Interstate Arts here.

Aaron Weissman – The Circuit lighting designer, ensemble member with Chicago’s  Dog and Pony.

Torri Ashford – The Circuit and Voice of the City performer, hoofer; ukulele-ist.

Barney Baggett – The Circuit and Into the Hinterlands performer and collaborator; Dreamtigers production manager.